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Monaco Business Development Director and founder, Mona Naffa, was born and raised in California, US educated, employed and trained in Corporate America and then moved to Jordan in 2006.
Ms.Naffa wore many hats while working and living in California. Her jobs were in the Hotel/Hospitality Industry as a concierge and hotel sales manager, with special attention taking care of VIP's from CEO's, Celebrities to Professional Sports Team Owners.

Then she was part of the launch team and creation of Sprint PCS later Sprint Corporation, a national telecommunication carrier, serving the United States and aboard. Ms. Naffa was part of the Marketing Team, developing Sprint PCS marketing strategy and later was asked to join the Corporate Sales Team, departed the company as a Pinnacle Executive Account Manager, exceeding her sales quotas.

In the new decade, she was then recruited by Solvay Pharmaceuticals, later purchased by Abbott Pharmaceuticals, in specialty sales. Her years in the Pharmaceutical Industry proved to be a success with her natural ability to sell, relationship building, professional work ethics, and discreet mannerism. She left the industry as the nation's top producer.

She moved to Jordan in 2006 and directly put her heart and soul in Jordan's tourism sector as Jordan was an easy country to 'market'. During a trip to Dubai, she met the Expedia representative who recently opened up the Middle East. Monaco Business Development and Expedia formed a partnership in 2007 and have been going strong since.

In 2008, she joined a Radio affiliate, Travel Talk Radio, out of San Francisco and promoted Jordan as a destination for travelers.
Mona Naffa
In 2010, Monaco Business Development formed a corporate alliance with many business and diplomatic entities in Jordan. Known for their professional work ethics, best value for a budget, discreet, and impeccable service, many companies choose Monaco Business Development for their business travel needs.

In 2011 and 2012, the Region went through many changes and Monaco Business Development stood its ground. The company brought on a Medical Tourism division assisting inbound patients to Jordan and servicing their needs from arrival to departure.

Ms. Naffa is an avid fitness enthusiast, professional marketer, and a perfectionist.
Thrilled to share her knowledge from Corporate America to the Jordan Hospitality Industry, choosing Monaco Business Development as your travel solution is your answer.

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