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Guinness World Record / Peace Sign - Jordan

DEAD SEA - A total of 261 foreign and Jordanian employees as well as administrative staff members working at the Dead Sea's eight hotels managed to break the Guinness World record on Thursday for the largest floating image.

Participants joined forces to form the peace sign in the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth at 400 metres below sea level, floating for five minutes.

The bid was organised by Monaco Business Development.

Samer Khallouf, project manager for the Middle East and North Africa at Guinness World Records Limited, said the largest floating image, is based on the number of participants.

"They all have to wear one colour and form a clear image or shape. The minimum number of participants has to be 250," he explained.

Khallouf noted that no one had attempted to break this record before.

"The beautiful thing about this image is that it is a human image, "he added."

Eva Sunna, one of the organisers, said the event was held in collaboration with all hotels at the Dead Sea, some 60km southwest of Amman.

"They worked all together to show that Jordan is a peaceful country and it is safe for people to visit," Sunna added.

Farah Samawi, marketing communications manager at Hilton Hotels and Resorts, said the company wanted to participate out of a belief in the importance of this event at this time.

"We have to pray together so that peace prevails in the region," she told The Jordan Times as her team prepared to participate in the event.

Samawi, who also took part in the floating image, said it was good to see all these hotels working together to promote Jordan and the Dead Sea.

"Although it is a simple event, it will encourage the whole world to pray for peace in the region," she added."

Saif Al Emam, the marketing manager of the Dead Sea Spa Hotel, described the experience as "brilliant"

"It is good to break this record. It wasn't easy because you have to maintain your balance while floating with a great number of people."

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