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The 1st Annual Dead Sea Mud Festival at Dead Sea Spa Hotel, Jordan

DEAD SEA RESORT, Jordan - May 2, 2014 - PRLog -- Amman Jordan - The first of its kind festival will take place on Friday May 2, 2014 at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel Beach.

This will be the first edition of the Dead Sea Mud Festival, an annual sustainable event that aims to promote tourism and raise awareness for Jordan's many exceptional Dead Sea natural resources and products.

In a message to all foreigners and tourists, organizer, Mrs. Mona Naffa told press, "our goal is to create the awareness of the Dead Sea-Jordan as a destination with international standard hotels, top notch Spa's, and the largest percentage of the mud and the salt comes from Jordan side, so we have value added for coming here, not only the Dead Sea but nearby Holy Sites, such as the Baptism Site which Jordan is expecting Pope Francis in May, we have a lot of exciting activities on the Jordan side of the Dead Sea in the pipeline. Coming to Jordan will be one of your best experiences ever."

Kia Jordan recently announced its Diamond sponsorship of the festival which is organized by Jordan Pacific Business Development. The announcement came during a press conference for the event on April 28 at the Century Park Hotel, which was attended by International correspondence and local media.

Kia Jordan's support of the event falls in line with its ongoing efforts to support local communities across the Kingdom and contribute to their growth and prosperity.

Commenting on the occasion, Mohammad Omar, Communications Manager for Kia Jordan, said, "As a company committed to supporting sustainable growth in the Kingdom, we are pleased to serve as the diamond sponsor of the first-ever Dead Sea Mud Festival. We hope that this event will serve to promote the magnificence of the Dead Sea as a tourist destination, as well as the burgeoning industry of local Dead Sea products created and marketed by local entrepreneurs.
"It is an honor to collaborate with Kia Jordan on this landmark event," added Mona Naffa, one of the event's organizers. "The Dead Sea Mud Festival will serve to bring together tourists and Jordanian citizens as they ignite their passion for this incredible natural destination. Ultimately, we hope that this event will elevate Jordan's touristic appeal on a global scale, while providing local entrepreneurs with an opportunity to promote their products."

Maher Al Tal, speaking on behalf of Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan, added that Dead Sea Area is rich with Tourism Attractions, such as the Baptism sight, Madaba, Maen hot springs water and other attractions.

The first-annual Dead Sea Mud Festival is a family event that aims to celebrate a wealth of Jordanian talent, bringing together dancers, artists, musicians, sports figures,  and fitness enthusiasts for a full day of fun and entertainment. The event will also serve to promote the Dead Sea's natural resources, while operating as a vehicle to elevate the Google rankings of Jordan's Dead Sea attractions, along with games and activities.

About the Dead Sea:
The Dead Sea is the biggest natural spa on earth, a popular center for wellness and health, heavy mineral concentration is believed to help with skin problems, the Dead Sea black mud has some unique qualities that allow it to keep the skin looking young, radiant and healthy.

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