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Kerak Castle

Journey south of Amman on the Desert Highway to Karak known in Aramaic Karka???? 'the walled town city' .

A visit to Karak Castle built by the Crusader King Baldwin I of Jerusalem, is one of the best preserved Crusader Castles in the Middle East.

The Karak CastleTour takes you 900 meters above sea level and lies inside the walls of the old city.???? Throughout the castle, the dark and roughly shaped Crusader masonry is easy to discern from the finely crafted blocks of lighter and softer limestone used in many Arab works. '???Next, travel North East and go back in time and see early relics from Jordan's medieval Islamic period. See fine mosaics, frescoes, stones, and stucco carvings inspired by Persian and Greco-Roman traditions. Explore historic ruins, castles, forts, and palaces, including the UNESCO World Heritage Qasr Amra desert castle.


Kerak Castle Tour Includes

  • Entrance to Karak Crusader Castle
  • Entrance to Qasr Castle
  • Roundtrip transportation from your Amman or the Dead Sea area
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