The Lowest Spot on Earth

????Start your tour south at the site where Jesus was baptized:???? Bethany Beyond the Jordan.'???

It was here that John the Baptist lived and preached.'??? Walk the path to the Jordan River and see the site where Jesus was baptized.???? Spend your morning walking the trails to the Jordan River.???? Or, on the hour, a shuttle service is available to the Jordan River.

Next a visit to the Largest Spa in the World,???? Dead Sea, the world's lowest point on earth, 400 meters below sea level, is one of the most spectacular and breathtaking landscapes in the world.'??? Sparsely populated and serene, the area is surrounded by mountains to the east and rolling hills of Jerusalem to the west giving the Dead Sea its unique beauty.

The therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea have been around for centuries. The air is close to 8 times richer in oxygen than at sea level. The unique combination of climatic conditions and the elements of the sun, water, mud, and the air, have been known to be very beneficial to rejuvenate and relax the body.

Your day starts with a drive from Amman down to the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ, then your driver will take you to the Dead Sea Spa Hotel, Jordan's first hotel at the Dead Sea, for an afternoon of rest and relaxation.???? You will have access to the Hotel's pool and beach facilities.

At the beach, visitors often spend hours floating on the sea and wrapping themselves with the therapeutic Dead Sea Mud'??. give it a try, and enjoy the benefits of the rich minerals in both the mud and the salts.???? There are showers and changing rooms in the pool area for you to use.???? A buffet lunch is included.???? Lunch is served from 1pm to 3pm. Just let your driver know when you are ready to depart to Amman.

Lowest Spot on Earth Tour includes

  • Entrance and guided tour of John the Baptist Site
  • Admission fees and access to the Dead Sea
  • Use of Pool and Changing facilities
  • Lunch at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel
  • Roundtrip transportation from your hotel in Amman
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